AAEP Practice Life

Mentorship and the Young Veterinarian

April 20, 2021

BI_Logo_Blue98fpx.jpgIn anticipation of spring, with its new crop of graduating vets and interns, AAEP Practice Life Dr. Mike Pownall speaks with three practitioners who have experience mentoring young or new veterinarians. Join Drs. Luke Bass (Colorado State University), Kimberly Harmon (Fairfield Equine, Connecticut) and Karen Jackman (Pioneer Equine, California) as they share their experiences and recommendations for helping new vets settle comfortably into their new positions.

Also joining Dr. Pownall is AAEP Membership Director Nick Altwies, who gives an overview of AAEP's Outrider Mentorship Program. 

AAEP Practice Life is sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim. Visit them at https://www.bi-vetmedica.com/species/equine.html

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