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Equine Practice is Pretty Good, Part 4

January 14, 2021

BI_Logo_Blue98fpx.jpgPodcast host and AAEP Member Dr. Mike Pownall brings together five equine veterinarians whose backgrounds and experiences are incredibly diverse, but who all agree that there's nothing they'd rather do than be a horse doctor.

Join Dr. Pownall and Dr. Elizabeth Woolsey-Herbert from Australia, Dr. Kathy Lynde from California, Dr. Stacy Whitton of Colorado, Dr. Bibi Freer of North Carolina, and soon-to-be-Dr. Liliya Becktell, a 4th-year vet student from Cornell University, as they share their stories of the joys and benefits of equine veterinary life.

This podcast is sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim.

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