AAEP Practice Life

AAEP Business News Hour Recap and 2021 Outlook

January 26, 2021

BI_Logo_Blue98fpx.jpgJoin AAEP's Practice Life host Dr. Mike Pownall as he joins fellow presenters Dr. Caitlin Daly and Dr. Amy Grice as they recap their reports for the 2020 Convention's Business News Hour and make some predictions for the year to come.

The wide-ranging discussion covers, among other things, the economy, unemployment, gender bias, media consumption, virtual meetings, technology, attrition, work/life balance for one's self and staff, maternity policies, practice consolidation and unionization. They finish by emphasizing the importance of embracing new experiences, practicing collegiality, and supporting employees and staff.

This podcast is sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim.

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